Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom works primarily in steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, and clay, producing sculpture ranging from intimate, hand-held objects to monumental installations.

His roots in the craft movement inform all aspects of his studio work, animating the vision beyond the sculptural to include pieces involving or implying movement -- driven by sound, water, wind, or hand. The result often has a functional aspect or reference, such as vessels, fountains, maps, theodolites, gates, or thresholds, and reflects his engagement with the dynamics of mental and physical play.

The prime focus of his studio practice is on concepts and forms in various media and the processes to shape them. The material presence for this exploration ranges from 2 microns to 2 inches thick.

His investigation of process has extended the reach of his studio practice to include the industrial applications of fabrication: casting, folding, spinning, cutting, rolling, and bending, all of which activates his interest in surface treatments involving material manipulation, heat, and chemical transformations including glazes, patinas, and rusting.

For over five decades Tony Bloom’s work has been exhibited in North America, Europe, and Japan, and he has been the recipient of national, provincial, and civic awards. He is the co-founder of Stonecrop Studios in Canmore, Alberta -- now also in Victoria, BC -- where he continues to create artwork for municipalities, corporations, and private residences that include civic, interpretive, ceremonial, or inspirational aspects.

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